Monday, 31 December 2012

The bitch is back

Yes... the dreaded AF is back. She stayed away for 12 weeks. But really, the PP bleeding wasn't done for 6 weeks so I was only pad free for 6 weeks :/ Looking into getting the diva cup but at the moment, it hurts to use tampons. Well, maybe after using tampons, it won't hurt so much to have sex :/

Sunday, 9 December 2012

2 month sticker pictures

2 months old

2 month stats:
Weight: 13lb 5.8oz
Clothing Size: 3 months
Diaper Size: 2
Sleeps 6-8 hour stretches

  • first prescription... lol
  • first belly laugh
  • first time in a woven wrap
  • first smile in reaction to a word (boobies)

He now smiles a TON at anyone. It's hard to get the smiles when you're holding him upright but when someone else is, he will smile at you. He smiles when he's laying on the ground, on the change table, etc. Changing his diaper is the place I get the most smiles. He's a total angel!

He's in cloth diapers now and has been for an entire month! I'm loving it just like I knew I would!

Of course there's lots of other firsts and I feel bad for not recording them, but I'm lucky to get on the computer for 20 minutes during the day and facebook is a priority right now!

Milk donor

Through Human Milk 4 Human Babies, I found a local momma who needed milk to get her 4 month old through a 9 day span away from her. She has PPD and is struggling so her family bought her a 9 day trip just to recharge and such. She's unable to pump a lot and her daughter can't take formula.

I donated about 100oz to her last week and she's headed here tomorrow for some more. She needs 48oz more to get her through the trip and I have about 30-40 in the freezer right now. I told her that she's welcome to send her hubby or someone to pick up more while she's gone since it takes time to pump milk of course. I can get 4-8oz a day, usually just pumping once!

Monday, 3 December 2012


85oz pumped since Nov 20! Pumping once a day is a great way to build up a stash!